Exodus 16:1-36

31 and the people of Israel called the food manna………………………………………………………………….

Manna, literally translated means whatness or what is it?

From v15 we realize that the Isralites had no idea of the food God had given they asked the question “what is this” and in v31 the same question becomes the name of the food. Clearly it contradicts itself as the word manna is a name and a question at the same time. In reality we ask the same question when we come into contact with things we are not familiar with.

v12 We learn that as the Isralites journey through the desert they complain to Moses and God promises to feed them with bread. The Israelites wake up the next morning, they see the food and they go like what is this? “What is This” because they couldn’t figure out what it was, they hadn’t seen any food like that before (Deut. 8:3 & Deut 8:16). They did not know what it was until Moses stepped out and said v15 This is the food the Lord has given you to eat. Am positive that before Moses answered their question some of the Israelites were contemplating on eating the food or not, whether it was clean or not………………….

Just as the Israelites, Ghanaians are not familiar with Gospel Rap. It is not something we grew up listening to so you step out boldly rapping about Christ and folks are like what is this? In the same way, people don’t know what rap is and most importantly what the gospel is. Some say that Gospel and Rap are a mismatch but glory be to God that there are many other Moses’ like myself out there changing this ideology, preaching the gospel through rap in hopes that lives would be transformed.

Also, God could have chosen to give the Isralites any other kind of food say yam, rice, fufu (lol) etc. but God chose to give them manna. Why would God do such a thing? I believe that there is time for everything and just as babies are weaned from breast milk to solid food, it’s about time music fans stopped listening to lies and paid attention to the truth. Do you wanna hear rap about clubbing, partying, robbing and killing people? Do you wanna hear rap about hustling cocaine? Do you wanna hear rap that adores prostitution, stripping and fornication? Certainly NOT!!! (if you do, then it is certainly not my music). But I bet most of the songs on our ipods, PC’s talk about such and we find nothing wrong with that (even though we claim to be Christians). In this dying world, people need hope, people need to be inspired, people need to know the truth. They need to know the saving grace of my Savior, Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of Heaven. Salvation is the core message of this free album and that is what I have packaged in MANNA. In short, this is the new kind of food am giving you to eat and I pray that this mixtape becomes a blessing to your life.


  1. Image of God
  2. Adanseɛ
  3. Letter to Sarkodie
  4. Last One ft. Evan. Oduro
  5. Get Yo’ Christ On (Rmx)
  6. Get Yo’ Christ On (3mix) ft. Preachers
  7. Yi Nyame Ayɛ
  8. The Gay Bill
  9. We Glorify
  10. Lecrae’s Hallelujah Reprise (Yi Nyame Ayɛ)